Ramstein Airbase, Germany


The 15th edition will be scheduled for 2024



Every two years, CC SBAMD hosts the CC SBAMD Integrated Air & Missile Defence Conference for all NATO IAMD stakeholders. Different from other (mostly commercial) IAMD conferences, the CC SBAMD conference addresses the IAMD community by offering relevant briefings in a classified setting.

CC SBAMD’s intent is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the area of NATO IAMD, with a focus on national contributions to NATINAMDS. The conference also intends to support the expansion of the network of IAMD experts, thus helping to further improve interoperability and mutual understanding of NATO IAMD in all aspects.

The 15th edition of the CC SBAMD conference will again take place at HQ AIRCOM, Ramstein Airbase, Germany in 2024.


Who is attending?

NATO IAMD stakeholders from the tactical and operational level as well as others who are interested in IAMD are invited for 3 days of presentations, discussions and networking.




Dear Ladies and  Gentlemen

It was an honor to welcome you to our conference, and

we would like to say “Hello again” in 2024.

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