“The new normal – ready for action”

NATO IAMD from an operator’s point of view



Ramstein Airbase, Germany


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Every two years, CC SBAMD hosts the CC SBAMD Integrated Air & Missile Defence Conference for all NATO IAMD stakeholders. Different from other (mostly commercial) IAMD conferences, the CC SBAMD conference addresses the IAMD community by offering relevant briefings in a classified setting.

CC SBAMD’s intent is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the area of NATO IAMD, with a focus on national contributions to NATINAMDS. The conference also intends to support the expansion of the network of IAMD experts, thus helping to further improve interoperability and mutual understanding of NATO IAMD in all aspects.

After having postponed this conference several times due to the pandemic, the 14th edition of the CC SBAMD conference will take place at HQ AIRCOM, Ramstein Airbase, Germany from 23 to 25 May 2023 (with up to 300 attendees).

Who is attending?

In this edition, over 250 NATO IAMD stakeholders from the tactical and operational level as well as others who are interested in IAMD are invited for 3 days of presentations, discussions and networking.

Signing up for this conference is possible until 31 March 2023 by filling out the online registering form (Register). Please note that an appropriate security clearance is required.

Provisional agenda

After checking in on 23 May, the conference will be kicked off at 14.00 hrs with a keynote speech and a setting-the-scene briefing, followed by an Icebreaker event. On 24 and 25 May, CC SBAMD will challenge the audience to understand their role within the overarching NATINAMDS structure by providing the latest updates on the IAMD mission, emerging threats, exercises and training activities, capabilities and IAMD related NATO documentation.


23 May 2023 (Day 1)

Keynote: The new normal – Ready for action

Mission perspective: NATO Political and Military Strategy



24 May 2023 (Day 2)

Ready for action – Threat perspective

Russian general threat briefing

Russian systems threat BM, CM, UAV, ABT threat

RUS-UKR lessons learned

Hypersonics, a real threat?

Electronic Warfare awareness

IRN threat

Ready for action – Plans perspective

DDA Family of Plans

Air Shield Directive

Standing Defence Plan and other NATO documents


25 May 2023 (Day 3)

Ready for action – Capabilities perspective

NLD capabilities

DEU capabilities

US (10th AAMDC) approach

DEU/NLD deployment to Slovakia/Poland – lessons learned

Industrial perspective

European Sky Shield Initiative

Ready for action – Exercises and certification perspective

RAMSTEIN Legacy / RAMSTEIN Century / JPOW 2023

NATO Evaluation and Assessment

Ready for action – NATO IAMD courses overview

Closing remarks

A detailed agenda will be ready for download in due time.


CC SBAMD is happy to announce that there will be no conference fee for participating in the conference. Coffee, tea and the Icebreaker event will be hosted by CC SBAMD. Participants will have to take care of their own lodging, meals and other personal expenses.

Administrative instructions

  • To register, please fill out the online form at Registration. You will receive a confirmation of your participation immediately.
  • Initially, 185 seats will be offered for online registration. In case there are no more seats available, you will receive a notification that you are on the reserve-list.
  • A welcome package including administrative instructions will be sent to you by 11 April 2023.
  • Due to the classification of the conference, a NATO SECRET security clearance is required.
  • The agenda is subject to alteration and will be available for download in due time. 


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