The “Air & Missile Defence Conference (AMDC)” hosted by the Competence Centre Surface Based Air and Missile Defence (CC SBAMD) is designed to promote an active and open exchange on current topics and latest trends for all Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) stakeholders – from strategic level down to the level of the Air Defence weapon system operators. The AMD Conference is CC SBAMD’s signature event having earned a substantial reputation based upon previous events.


2016 “Back to the Future”:

The AMDC 2016 highlighted the challenges after decades of hibernation to stand up a proper IAMD environment to encounter the threats, which are comparable to those the Alliance experienced during the cold war. New Air C2 concepts have been compared to old strategies and revealed lacks and gaps.

2017 “Security starts at Home”:

In the past, the NATO Integrated Air Defence System (NATINADS) served the Alliance to combine and streamline defence efforts to protect the integrity of European airspace. After the integration of the BMD mission into the NATO IAMD mission, 2017 AMDC provided a joint forum to discuss the readiness and security situation from a political and military perspective, also considering the Russian conceptual thinking and practice as well as the recently achieved operational status of US European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) elements triggering further questions about European NATO nations’ contribution to the IAMD mission, possible areas of cooperation, and burden sharing discussions.

2019 “Resilient Defence and Security in Europe – a basic Necessity”:

The 2019 conference focused on the progress made until today regarding the most effective use of common or even shared capabilities & capacities within the European IAMD domain. The conference was framed by high-level guidance and informed by an updated threat depiction as well as operationally and tactically relevant conceptual approaches, decision making and industrial contributions. As a common thread throughout the conference NATO’s IAMD Policy topics served as a contextual guide. 

2021 “Ready for Action”  NATO IAMD from an operator’s point of view

Capitalizing on CC SBAMD’s 2017 and 2019 Air and Missile Defence Conferences – the aim of the upcoming conference is to challenge the operators on a tactical and operational level to recognize their role within the overarching NATINAMDS structure asking the guiding question: “Are we actually ready for action?”